block selection

When then block selection is enabled by API (enableBlockSelection), if I select a block by drag the mouse, could I deselect the block by API ?

Same question from me a few month ago.

No - you canĀ“t select or deselect a block by coding.


You may try to use the following solution to create a selection block by API:

        myGrid._selectionArea=myGrid._RedrawSelectionPos(myGrid.cells(rId,cInd).cell, myGrid.cells(rId1,cInd1).cell);
                // (rId,cInd) - upper left corner of the block
                // (rId1,cInd1) - bottom right corner of the block

Thank you for replying.But I want to deselect a block by API rather than create a block by API.

Please, try to use:

Thanks a lot! Your answer is the perfect solution to my problem.