I am Blocking time using AddmarkedTimespan method.,
It works fine but All functionality( onClick,onDblClick) shoud be there on Blocked time Since i used
the Addmarkedtimespan method.But It is not…

Looking for a quick reply.


And what “type” have you specified for marked section?
Please check documentation here: … edtimespan
Most likely you need to specify

type: "dhx_time_block"

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Yes… i am using the type “dhx_time_block”.

If i remove that, Nothing is blocked in Calendar(Grayed out).


Please attach source code or link to your page.

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scheduler.addMarkedTimespan( {
days: new Date( ),
zones: [0, 8 * 60, 18 * 60, 24 * 60],
css: “gray_section”,
type: “dhx_time_block”
} );

Here is my code i have.

I pasted me code in my last reply.

It works fine in a sense that , it Blocks the Duration i passed. But events like ‘click’ are stopped firing.

I tried without the property ‘type’ as i have seen in the Documentation, But it does not work.

We have to pass the some other property to mark and not to block i guess.

Oh, I see. Well yes, if you are creating blocking section then it will block all click events (preventing your from creating new events there) + apply some logic.

And what would you like to happen when you double click on blocked section?

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Yep, Our scenario is this, to just mark some duration as blocked( Not blocked actually) but all the functionality should be there in place.

I would like to the Show the Events in Marked Section too.

Suppose,some events can be saved for future.Then that(day) can be marked as Holiday after some time.
Now I just have to show that event which was saved for a day.

Is it possible?

So why simply not to define some css class with gray background? And not to use “dhx_time_block” type.

Events would be display on top, correct.
Check out following sample:

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