Block time just like the adding event in Dhtmlx Scheduler

I need help in blocking a time period on a scheduler. Its functionality will be same as we are adding event in the scheduler .
the current scenario is like on double click on the scheduler it open a lightbox there I can select a room and time and after that after clicking on save it save the event on the scheduler working fine.
Now I want one button in the lightbox saying “block” when user click on this block button it will save the event only in gray color and description is changed to roomUnavaliable/ blocked and event get saved on the scheduler in the gray color saying roomUnavaliable/ blocked.
I am new to this scheduler so needed a detail description of this.
Thank you

you can add some property to the event object, which will define whether it’s an appointment or a blocked time.
Then you’ll be able to color blocked events differently and set them an appropriate label … plate.html … plate.html

And here is how you can add a custom button to the lightbox … ttons.html