Blocking timespan with 'sections' removes other blocked (non-section) timespans in timeline view



Another marked timespan issue. Take a look at this example, please:

You can see there is a blocked timespan after startup with no “sections” specified for that one (red bg).

Now try to add a blocked timespan with any of the 2 buttons. These actions have “sections” set to the 1st resource - “r1”.
Notice how adding that timespan removes the red marking for all the row for that day.
If you try to create an event over that blocked “missing” span, it doesn’t work - which is, of course, correct.

How can I get the coloring back?


I updated the example as it was using a hardcoded Wednesday for addMarkedTimespan (which is inconvenient if it is Thursday today… :wink: )


Hello fxfn,

We checked this issue, we have confirmed the bug and added it to our tracker, thank you for paying attention to it. The bug will be fixed at some point, but I can’t give you any ETA for it.

As a workaround, you can specify all "sections" for scheduler.addMarkedTimespan with blockedId id:

sections: {
    timeline: ['gf1', 'r1', 'r2']

then when adding a new timespan, the already existing red timespan will not disappear.

Please look at the example in the snippet: