BlockTime need help

I want to Block Saturday 12:00 to 12:30 only.

Tried but can not make it work like below

[code] scheduler.config.time_step = 30;
scheduler.config.first_hour = 10;
scheduler.config.last_hour = 16;

scheduler.blockTime(6, [12, 13 * 60]);[/code]

anyone please


So what’s happening in your case? As far as I see you’ve blocked time from 00:12 till 13:00.
Try to use [1260, 1260+30]

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Thanks for the reply.

But how can I make it blocked for all the days of whole calendar?

With the command above it should be blocked for every Saturday.

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Did this but not working. Sorry :frowning:

scheduler.blockTime([12 * 60, 12 * 60 + 30]);


scheduler.blockTime(6, [12 * 60, 12 * 60 + 30]);

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Thanks Ilya for your support.

You are right if I want to block time for all Saturdays between 12:00 to 12:30 than I use your solution which is scheduler.blockTime(6, [12 * 60, 12 * 60 + 30]);


I need All the week days to be blocked for time between 12:00 to 12:300 . I hope you understand my question.

Hoping to buy product for the client.



for ( var i = 0 ; i < 6 ; i++ ) { scheduler.blockTime(i, [12*60,12*60+30]); }
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Thanks I get it.

hi… i have a problem in this. i wrote
scheduler.blockTime(new Date(2012,3,15), “fullday”);
scheduler.blockTime(4, [12 * 60, 12 * 60 + 30]);

but its not even showing the block. i checked that it has all the files it needed. i checked that in your sample if i see with firebug it shows the cell like:

but in my case its showing like:

no because the height and top is not correct its not showing the silver color… And also the first line which is:

scheduler.blockTime(new Date(2012,3,15), "fullday");

The Block time is not working at all for this. It is showing the code as :

Any Help?


Can you provide access to your page?
If not then can you create sample where we could check this issue (without external files, only bare minimum to execute it locally).

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