Bootstrap popover within Gantt

Hey guys,

Actually I’d like to know, whether it’s possible to use the popover tooltips from Bootstrap for Angular (, ui.bootstrap.popover) within the Gantt? So far I haven’t been able to show the popovers. I guess this is because the Gantt intercepts the events. Does anyone has a clue if this is possible?

I’m aware that the Gantt offers also tooltips, however I need another style. Furthermore the tooltips of the Gantt seem to apply for the whole task row, I want to have tooltips for certain HTML-elements.

Thank you already in advance for your help!

gantt does not block browser events on it’s element so adding a custom tooltips should be possible.
Can you please provide so we could check whats not working?


thank you for the response.

Actually I’ve solved the problem during the meanwhile. I think the problem was, that the elements within the Gantt are added dynamically and thus the popover can’t be initialized. Hence I just took the pure JavaScript version of the Bootstrap popover ( When using this one, I could use the element attributes and then I initialized the popovers in “onGanttRender”. This works for me now properly.

Hi, I’m on version 4.1.13 and facing the same issue. I need to show a custom popover when clicking on a cell and I thought about using angular ui popover. It doesn’t seem to work. I wanted to $compile the element with the attributes needed to show the popover, but there’s not API like on the scheduler “renderEvent”.

The javascript version can work, but I don’t seem to find the right event to attach it to the tasks. Doing it on “onGanttRender” works initially, but as soon as I expand the task, gatt seems to re-render and I loose all the bindings.

Any ideas,