Border around projects tasks


Is it possible to make something like this? (See attachment).

sure. You can either create overlay using gantt.addTaskLayer method, or color individual cells using task_cell_class css template

Sample with addTaskLayer - try dragging one of the tasks … ition.html … layer.html … plate.html

Great, was exactly what I was looking after.

By the way, you sample don’t work in chrome.

what version of chrome do you use? Seems work ok with the latest stable version from a stable channel (Version 44.0.2403.107 m). Are there any errors in console?

Maybe because I use the beta version of chrome
45.0.2454.15 beta-m (64-bit)

I get this error when dragging a task
Uncaught TypeError: gantt.getVisibleTaskCount is not a functionhighlight_area @ 13_highlight_drag_position.html:83_task_area_renderers.(anonymous function)._task_area_renderers.(anonymous function).render_item @ dhtmlxgantt.js:224gantt.refreshTask @ dhtmlxgantt.js:198gantt._tasks_dnd._update_on_move @ dhtmlxgantt.js:138gantt._tasks_dnd.on_mouse_move @ dhtmlxgantt.js:137(anonymous function) @ dhtmlxgantt.js:131