Borderless transparent window

I am trying to create a Borderless transparent window. I found an earlier post that suggested setting the style like this

   #Timewindow div.dhtmlx_wins_body_outer, #Timewindow div.dhtmlx_wins_body_outer div{
      background-color:transparent !important;

                    var TimeWin = moUI.dhxWins.createWindow(sWindowID, x - 25, y + 10, 200, 200);
                    moUI.dhxWins.window(sWindowID).id = "Timewindow";
                    moUI.dhxWins.window(sWindowID).style.border = "";

However it is not doing what it is supposed to, background for first row is the same as the header, which I have disabled. Also this is not very dynamic, since I might have multiple windows like this and don’t neccessarily know how many. Can this be set with the moUI.dhxWins.window(sWindowID).style structure? What I am trying to achieve is for all window features, like header, border and buttons to disappear and become transparent, I want the background to “shine” through, all I want to see is text or buttons from the interior of the window floating above whatever is behind.

We need any graphic result of such window with more detailed description of visible and invisible parts of the window.