Box showing up on export


When exporting to PDF there is an issue happening where the \n or new line in c# is being converted into a box on the PDF.

Can you please let me know how to fix/get rid of this?


can you please check whether this issue happens with the latest version of the export tool ?


I’ve updated the dll to use the latest version but the issue is still happening.

We are using the date format: “x_date”: “%d\u003cbr\u003e%D” if that helps.

It looks a bit differently when I check the issue locally -

I can confirm that PDF tool doesn’t respect formatting of scale cells, however this is expected since PDF tool manually paints timeline layout on a backend and provides a simplified view compared to what you see in browser.

Does ‘box’ characters disappear if you replace escape sequences with regular
characters in x_date string?


No it doesn’t seem to disappear when I replace the “%d\u003cbr\u003e%D” with “%d

If it helps this is our full initialization of the Scheduler:

scheduler_BC.locale.labels.thirtyDays_tab = '<p class="week_tab_text">30</p>';
    scheduler_BC.config.serverLists["thirtyDays"] = "thirtyDays";
        "fit_events": true,
        "name": "thirtyDays",
        "y_property": "key",
        "render": "tree",
        "x_length": 10,
        "x_size": 30,
        "x_date": "%d<br>%D",
        "x_unit": "day",
        "x_step": 1,
        "section_autoheight": false,
        "folder_dy": 24,
        "dy": 24,
        "label_style": "font-size:10px;line-height:1.2; width:24px;left:1px;",
        "second_scale": { x_unit: "month", x_date: "%M %Y" },
        "make_row_fixed": true,                       
        "fixed_row_key": [],
        "fixed_section_bg": fixedHeaderColor,
        "fixed_ev_class": 'dhx_events_over_all',
        "y_unit": scheduler_BC.serverList("thirtyDays")