Browser compatibility problem with � doXPath � under IE 6 &


I made a sample which makes an Ajax call, retrieves an XML file and updates the grid on the page using a custom ��.

This works fine under Firefox ( but not under IE 6 & 7.

I am using version dhtmlxTreeGrid_v14_Pro_70813.

The �dataProcessor.prototype.afterUpdate � makes the following call :

var atag=xml.doXPath("//data/action");

The problem lies in the method �dtmlXMLLoaderObject.prototype.doXPath� which returns nothing (an empty array) under IE, while it is not empty when running under Firefox.

When I activate the debug mode, I can see that my XML file was received correctly.

I must specify that the XML file is retrieved locally (URL like file:///C:/…).

I tried to debug the code of �dtmlXMLLoaderObject.prototype.doXPath� and could not get the docObj.selectNodes(xpathExp) to return what is expected.

Could you please help on this hot subject ?

The documentation stands that this component is compatible with IE starting from version 5.5…

Many thanks in advance,


Sebastien BROUET

Yes, such situation is possible if data was loaded from local filesystem ( the XML parser in IE doesn’t fully process XML in such case )

You can
a) change the way of XML loading to http:// like URI
b) contact us directly at , we can send you latest version of dataprocessor.js which already has built in workaround for such situation.