Browser-print of the tree's current state

While working with the tree, I always need at some point to print it for some paper exploitation; The problem is that I can get a detailed picture of the tree by generating a pdf on the server anytime I want, but as the server doesn’t hold the tree’s state in some given concrete browser, I obviously can’t do the same for a partial view. How can I easily kind of serialize the tree into HTML code (in a popup window for example). Printing it with the browser’s “Print…” button doesn’t work since it shows just a printscreen (IE7).

There is no an official solution. But we have the beta version on the printable view extension. It is sent by email with details.

Thanks a lot, it works even though the popup window has no vertical scrolling :frowning:
Nevertheless when printed (“Print…” of the browser), the popup, shows all the pages correctly.

Btw, is it possible to launch the browser’s printing functionnality automatically instead of  showing the popup window first?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible.