Bug at readonly version?

Hi, me again :wink:

i’m working with the readonly_form extention…

If i wanted to draw a new date, but its not possible to stop editing / saving…
is this bug known?

i know, that this problem is coming from

scheduler.attachEvent("onBeforeDrag",block_readonly) scheduler.attachEvent("onClick",block_readonly) scheduler.attachEvent("onDblClick",block_readonly)
is this a bug, or do i understand something wrong?

Thanks again…

(p.s. this problem is not only in my implementation, its also in the original file: /samples/03_extensions/14_readonly_event.html)

Which code you are using inside “block_readonly” method?

Next one, must allow event’s creation ( but block any edit attempts )

function block_readonly(id){ if (!id) return true;//this line allows creation of new events return !this.getEvent(id).readonly; }

i was using the original code of your demo ( /samples/03_extensions/14_readonly_event.html )

now everything works fine,thanks a lot!

Yep, original sample has such problem.
Updated one will be included in oncoming release.