Bug: Can't drag task to the same level with last group item in the bottom


As you can see the gif above, I’m trying to drag Task #1.2 to the bottom to make it as the same level as the group Task #2, but I couldn’t do it with the group Task #2 on the bottom, I can only drag Task #1.2 into the group Task #2 or outside the Project #2.


  • I think it only happened in marker drag mode.
  • If group Task #2 is folded, that will work
  • if the last item is not a group, that will work

You can try it in this demo snippet: DHTMLX Snippets

Hello Kevin,
Gantt doesn’t support that feature.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a ready solution or a workaround for that.
I added it in our tracker. The dev team will implement it in the future, but I cannot give you any ETA.

It’s not a feature request, it’s a bug!

Hello Kevin,
Gantt doesn’t have that functionality. The team needs to implement a solution to make it work that way. In that sense, we can call it a feature.

I think it’s really a simply bug :sweat_smile: