BUG: date 31.3.2013 - 1.4.2013 + timeline + move


I have found very weird bug in timeline scheduler. It is happening only if you can see dates 31.3.2013 and 1.4.2013 at the same time in scheduler.

You can see it if you take sample

Modify sample by using: x_size: 10, so you will see both days at the same time.

Create event for date 30.3.2013 and try to move it over month border (31.3 - 1.4.). The event will resize automatically. (Do not drop event - just move the event from 30.3 to 2.4)

is the bug still occurs in the attached version of the scheduler?

Bug is still there. I attached the zip which contains required files from your zip and also bug.html where you can see it immediately.

The same bug occurs also 31.3.2014 - 1.4.2014.
bug_31_3__1_4.zip (174 KB)

Any ideas regarding this bug?

which timezone is set on your PC?

UTC+02:00 (Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius)

The bug isconfirmed. I’ll post hotfix here, as soon as it will be ready