[Bug] drag + timezone

We encountered a bug with the drag creation of event and timezone (daylight vs standard). There is multiple condition to reproduce this bug :

  1. config.start_on_monday = false
  2. display a week where the timezone change occurs on Sunday (like this Sunday March 10)
  3. Start dragging on any day except sunday

You’ll see that the created event doesn’t start where you started dragging but 1 hour earlier.

The problem occurs in the on_mouse_move function (end = this._correct_shift(end);). The correct_shift function verify the _min_date which is one timezone with the end date which is an other timezone so the end date is now before the start date.

You can reproduce this bug in any sample you are providing with the scheduler. My local timezone is GMT-5 which is currently GMT-4 for daylight saving.

please try the attached build of the scheduler.
Does issue occurs with this version?
dhtmlxScheduler_dst.zip (229 KB)

No i’m still having the issue. I added screenshot to show you exactly what’s happening. In the screenshot i’m only dragging 1px down.

please try the latest build, I think the bug is fixed there
dhtmlxScheduler_dst_130314.zip (229 KB)

Yep it’s fixed. Thanks!