BUG in 4.0: order + rounding / rounding only


Check demo docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … nding.html and try to move one event to the other day. For some reason one day event will be expanded to the two days event if you do not move cursor enough.

Works fine for me, but can be caused by summer/winter time shift effect.
For which timezone issue does occur?


Exactly same problem what I have reported earlier caused by summer/winter time shift. But now it is happening all the time.

Now the bug is much more critical.

Any fixes for this? It would be very good to get fix because i can not upgrade to 4.0 version and 3.7 still have same bug when time will be changed from summer to winter time soon.

try this version of the scheduler,
does it fixes the issue with rounded dates in timeline?


Yes, now it is fixed.