Bug in dhtmlxdataprocessor.js line 460?


when I insert a new tree node with

tree.insertNewChild( parentId, itemId, itemText );

the dataprocessor is called and sends the event to the server. Which is good. But the URL it calls is … s=inserted

and the problem is the %21, which is the URL-encoded version of an “!”. The problem is line 460 of dhtmlxdataprocessor.js, I had to change it from




to make the described case work. But on the other hand there are a lot more "!nativeeditor_status"s in that file, and they seem to work!?

So far there were no reports about such problem, the ! char may be escaped as %21 , but server software must understood such encoding, and must convert it back to normal automatically.
Basically - if it cause problem in your case - you can change all “!nativeeditor_status” with “nativeeditor_status” in dhtmlxdataprocessor.js ( and update related name of var in server side code )