Bug in grid.getCheckedRows(), Returns IDs for non-checkboxes

See the attached image. I have a column of checkboxes but for some cells I have to remove the checkbox and display something else. But when I call checked = mygrid.getCheckedRows(1); it always returns the IDs for the image rows. So in the picture, it returns 3 IDs, I would expect it to only return 1. Can you fix the function so that it only applies to checkboxes since that is its purpose? Thanks!

Unfortunately such feature is not available.
getCheckedRows() method works with the value of a cell only.

I don’t understand. The cell doesn’t contain a checkbox, or even a checkbox that is checked, so what is it keying off of to think there is one? This is kind of a show stopper for me. Any idea how I could replace or overload the getCheckedRows() function? Thanks.

This works for me…

var checked = [] mygrid.forEachRow(function(id){ if (mygrid.cells(id, 1).getValue() == 1) checked.push(id); });
I just don’t understand why getCheckedRows() doesn’t do something similar.

I almost forgot, If you want the same type of results that getCheckedRows() gives then don’t forget to call join() to turn the array into a comma separated string.

var checked = [] mygrid.forEachRow(function(id){ if (mygrid.cells(id, 1).getValue() == 1) checked.push(id); }); checked = checked.join();

Your issue is fixed.
GetCheckedRows method now checks if the cell is a checkbox or radio button.
Please, open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com to get the fix.