Bug in resource load diagram

I configured gantt duration like this:
duration_unit: ‘minute’,
duration_step: 1,
min_duration: 30 * 60 * 1000, // minimum task duration : 30 min

When i build resource load diagram and gantt has a days view

, resource render function resource_cell_value: (_start, _end, resource, tasks) return empty tasks array, but in hours view
it’s working fine.
I think that isWorkTime function in method calculateResourceLoad not consider current time unit from diagram layout, e.g. ‘hour’ or ‘day’.
Please help me to understand the problem.

Hello Daria,
Unfortunately, the code you shared doesn’t have enough information to fully understand the problem. Please send me the html file with all javascript and css code so I can reproduce it according to your description and try to find what is wrong.

The issue has already solved.

If you stumbled across with a similar issue - please wait for official gantt update. If you have a license, you also can submit a ticket to our support sustem at customer.support@dhtmlx.com to get update. Please point to this topic in the ticket.