bug in row selection?

I use dhtmlx3.6 pro.
Sometimes (I can’t figure the exact conditions) in IE10, when I select a row in a grid I receive a javascript error on the line 1260 of dhtmlxgrid.js (sources):


This line stay inside an if block, that detect if the browser is IE8:

if (this.cell && _isIE && _isIE == 8 ){ //fix incorrect table cell size in IE8 bug var next = this.cell.nextSibling; var parent = this.cell.parentNode; parent.removeChild(this.cell) parent.insertBefore(this.cell,next); this.cell.setActive(); }
I tried to comment the whole block and all works fine in IE10.

this is the known issue. It was already fixed in 3.6 ver.
Please, try to update your dhtmlxgrid.