BUG in #select_filter when including connector.js


I am facing a very problematic bug.

I own a Enterprise licence

version : dhtmlxSuite_2009Rel1_pro_90226

#select_filter (local) don’t work anymore when using connector component in page.

To reproduce the bug, it’s very easy.

Use you sample :


Add the line : , in head section, after including all other JS.


Now, your #select_filter are all empty !

Please, could you help, it’s VERY URGENT.


#select_filter filter is a fully client side. This filter will not correctly in case of dynamic loading. #select_filter cannot filter rows which wasn’t loaded in the client side yet.

If you are using dhtmlxConnector to populate your grid you can use #connector_select_filter.

Please see more information about filtering in grid populated with dhtmlxConnector here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxC … l#cc_guide

Sorry, your answer is not clear.

- First, could you tell me why, if i include the “connector.js” in the very classical sample i gave in my question, “#select_filter” don’t work anymore. Understand, i didn’t touch any other line of code in the sample. I think it’s not normal.

- Second, in my real code, i user processor and connector.
Why do you say “#select_filter cannot filter rows which wasn’t loaded
in the client side yet.” ?
In fact, i use connector to load full dataset (not dynamical loading). So all the result is loaded with the “loadXML” that point to a php page, as in you connector samples. So data is loaded and available to be filtered on the client side. I don’t want server side filtering.

I test the “#connector_select_filter”, and menu keep empty on the headers.

To give more complement, here is the code i use. I am in a Layout frame.

The result is perfect, but the select filter menu in headers keeps empty.

No error with firebug.

        mygrid = dhxLayout.cells(“c”).attachGrid();
        mygrid.selMultiRows = true;
        mygrid.imgURL = “js/dhtmlxGrid/codebase/imgs/”;
        mygrid.loadXML(“datas.php”); // copied from your 01_basic_connector.php sample to connect to my database, and table format.

        var dp = new dataProcessor(“datas.php”);

Conflict between #select_filter and connector.js confirmed and fixed, please use attached js file instead of original one. ( with it #select_filter will be correctly filled with values )
connector.zip (1.29 KB)

Why do you say “#select_filter cannot filter rows which wasn’t loaded in the client side yet.” ?
That was related to the dyn. srnd mode.
Normally #select_filter can be used in plain loading mode or static srnd loading mode, when all data available on client side.
If you are using dyn. smart-rendering mode, when data loaded by chunks - client side filtering can’t be used, because there is no enough info to process all rows ( the problem symptom is very similar to the one caused by connector.js conflict - empty select box )

Great, i confirm your fix is working for the conflict with connector.js

Thanks for your fast actions !

Best regards.