Bug in setColumnHidden (FireFox)


There is a bug in setColumnHidden function in Firefox (ie 3.0.5) for grid with column width set as “*” (auto width).

It produces unexpected results (i.e doesn’t hide the header or the column remains hidden after enabling it back). When assigning a specific width to the column, it works as expected.

Please let me know how to fix this.


Problem confirmed

The issue not the bug in component , but weird behavior of FF, in some cases when hiding column doesn’t cause change of total table size ( because auto-size columns compensate change ), FF 3 may just not repaint grid’s area, which result in incorrect view.
We will try to update code , to prevent incorrect behavior, but for now, as quick solution, you can add next code to the grid’s init

if (!_isFF) return;

The code provided works fine for the grid (except blinking ) but the gird’s header behaves the old way.
Can you help please?

There is a slightly different solution which must not cause blinking

mygrid.entBox.style.border=“0px solid red”;
mygrid.entBox.style.border=“0px solid green”;

Thanks a lot. The blinking is gone however the header’s behaviour remains unexpected (doesn’t hide/show header columns properly)

Unfortunately problem is not reconstructable locally ( the problem with data part of grid was reconstructable )
If issue still occurs for you - please send any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed to support@dhtmlx.com