Bug in timeline scale header on export with raw


I think we found little bug when exporting our timeline to pdf/png.

When the timeline is bigger than the screen an a horizontal scrollbar is shown. The dates in the scale header of the timeline are removed from the DOM when they are not in view.
That results in missing header dates in the export, that shows the whole width of the timeline.
We use raw=true and our own style.

Is there a reason why the header divs are removed when not in view (scrolled out of the viewport)?
If so, is it possible to add them for export?

Best regards,
the KTeam

It happens because by default smart_scales option is enabled:
Using smart_scales improves the performance. We know about that issue when it is still turned on when the export function applied. It will be fixed in future versions. Now, as a workaround you can turn off that option, export the data then turn it on again: