Bug in timelineview legal hour


if I create a new event by dragging after 27 march 2021 it automatically add 1 hour
are there any workaround?

codepen for example


Hello @scaondhtmlx ,

Thank you for the provided demo, unfortunately, the issue doesn’t reproduce in my case:

Highly likely it’s connected with your local timezone, so could you please provide the information on which timezone in this issue occurs?
For example “(UTC -06) Central America”


hi @Siarhei, I’m in UTC+01:00 (central european time)


Hello @scaondhtmlx ,

Thank you for your clarification.
Yes, it’s a known bug that relates to the javascript Date object, which doesn’t count local timezone shifts for summertime.
The dev team works on a fix, but unfortunately, there is no ETA.

Currently, you can correct end_date hours manually from the onLightbox event using the formSection method.

The code will look like follows:

scheduler.attachEvent("onLightbox", function (id){

  var time = scheduler.formSection('time');
  var start = time.getValue().start_date;
  var correctedEnd = scheduler.date.day_start(new Date(time.getValue().end_date));
  time.setValue(null,{start_date:new Date(start), end_date: (new Date(correctedEnd))});


Here is a demo:


API formSection:
API onLightbox:


thanks siarhei, can you update me when the bug will be resoveld?


Hello @scaondhtmlx ,

Sorry for the no follow-up!

Unfortunately, this issue is quite hard to fix, as it relates to the javascript Date object default behavior, and currently, there is no way to replace it with a different solution in the scheduler or change its behavior.
There is no ETA where this issue will be fixed, but I will post any updates here.

Best regards,