Bug in treetimeline


I think I found a bug in the treetimeline-extension.
It concerns the name of the section, which normally is “section_id”. But in my project I use another section-name.
I found the bug, because I was unable to drag events in a timeline-view with “render” set to “tree”.

The bug is in ext_treetimeline.js in the “onBeforeEventChanged”-handler on line 84, where it explicitly wants “section_id”:

var section = scheduler.getSection(event_object.section_id);

I looked around a bit and found that 3 lines further it is used correctly:

event_object[scheduler.matrix[scheduler._mode].y_property] = section_id_before;

So I changed the erroneous line to:

var section = scheduler.getSection(event_object[scheduler.matrix[scheduler._mode].y_property]);

That fixed the problem.

I hope that helped.



Thank you very much for your feedback!

Latest dev version had already included this fix but version on the Known issues page will be updated shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience this have caused.

Edit: file has been updated.

Best regards,

many thx squirrel !!!