Bug in Version 6.3.7

If I have a project task and a normal task as child and I resize the normal task I get 2 times the events but in both cases the parameters are the same, it looks like two times changed the normal task. But I expect one event for each changed items (one time for the parent and one time for the normal task) In my opinion this is a bug in the autoschedule script.

Hello Markus,
Please clarify which events you mean as I couldn’t reproduce the issue in the following snippet:
You can also modify the snippet by adding the events, then click on the “Share” button and copy the link.

Hi ramil

Sorry, I mean the onAfterTaskUpdate.
I need it to save all tasks are changed, to store it in the database. But I get no event for Project#2. Strange, in your context if the AutoScheduler on I get only one event for Task #4 in my script, if I activate the AutoScheduler script I get two times the onAfterTaskUpdate event with Task #4. I will try to find out why I get in my context 2 times the event. Also it would by nice if there an event for the Project #2.


Thanks for your help

Hello Markus,
Thank you for the clarification.

The project tasks ignore the date parameters(start_date, end_date and duration). They obtain the dates from their children. So, when you load the data from the server, projects will appear at their place depending on their children’s dates.

If you still need to obtain the dates for the project tasks, you need to implement a custom solution. Here are examples of how it might be implemented: