(Bug) Layout break on Accordion Panel on tab

Hey folks!

I identified a problem in the Accordion and I want to know if there is a solution for this. I created a scenario for steps reproduction, it is available on this link: DHTMLX Designer 5
To reproduce the problem:

  • Create an accordion and add some panels into this;
  • In each panel, add a form;
  • Return to first panel and focus the cursor in any field;
  • Keep pressing Tab on keyboard until the active element gets the end of current form (focus on submit button);
  • After coming to this button, press once again to change to the next field. Expected result: The next field is the first field on the next form, kept in the second panel (and afterwards), and the next panel have to open.

The failure is: In the last step, instead of opening the next panel, it simply breaks the layout, hides the header and invalidate my page.