(Bug) Minical issue with ignore_month/week


It seems there is an issue when using both the minical extension and the ignore_* methods.

1. Main issue :

In fact, when excluding some days (eg. Tuesday), the mini calendar does not display the
content of the column of the excluded date… but it however displays the last excluded-day’s date of the minical view.

On this page : docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … elect.html
If “Tuesday” is excluded on “week” view. Example :

scheduler.ignore_week = function(date){return (2 === date.getDay());}; scheduler.updateView();
Then, in January 2010, the Tuesday column is empty for all dates except for the last Tuesday of the mini calendar view, ie. 02 feb.
And it is the same behaviour for all months/years.

(Perhaps this issue is closely or remotely related to the behaviour already noticed in this topic : viewtopic.php?f=6&t=34216&p=107714#p107714 )

2. Other issues :

In the same context demo (with ignored days) the column width is broken. The same width as other columns would probably fix the problem ?

I can confirm the Issue with days excluding and mini-calendar.
In next build minicalendar will always show all days.