BUG: Multi-Day calendar event not displaying

First, I just found the Scheduler library and I must say, this appears to be great software. So many kudos.

Okay, now what I found.

When viewing the following demo:

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxS … units.html

I encounter an bug in that it does not appear that multi-day calendar events are displayed on PERSONS/DAY/WEEK views.

To reproduce the issue:

  1. Go to: dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxS … units.html
    (This put you on the “Persons” tab, from this tab…)
  2. Create a calendar event by double clicking the grid and set the END YEAR to be a few year from today.

This is the bug:

  • Note that, now on the PERSONS, DAY and WEEK calendar view tab, this multi-year calendar event just created is not shown, but it is displayed on only the MONTH tab.

So the bug is that multi-day/week/year calendar events are not shown on the PERSONS/DAY/WEEK view (but do display correctly on the MONTH view).

Any ideas how I can fix this bug?


This isn’t a bug, please check Configuration options page.
You need to enable scheduler.config.multi_day option.

scheduler.config.multi_day = true;

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