Bug on delete a tab

When i remove a tab with the method “removeTab(tab,mode)”, the id of tab removed is not deleted in the collection “tabbar.tabsId”

How i can resolve this bug?

Problem confirmed and fixed, please use attached js file instead of original one ( if you are using pro version - please contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com )

dhtmlxtabbar.zip (10.7 KB)

The problem persist… i set content to my tab (a div), create 2 or more tabs, and, when close one, my content (div) disappear and cause this error:

this._content[tab.idd].parentNode is null
removeTab()(div.dhx_tab_element, true)dhtmlxtabbar.js (linha 68)
_showHover()()dhtmlxtabbar.js (linha 72)

The issue can’t be reconstructed.
Original fix , resolved situation with not removed ID from inner collections ( which has not any visible effects )
According to stack trace, while removing tab in your case, tabbar tries to select some sibling tab - but can’t locate it correctly.

Please check that each tab has unique ID.
If issue still occurs - please provide any kind of sample where issue can be reconstructed ( you can send it directly to support@dhtmlx.com )

The solution is create a div in runtime? How to i do it?

Instead of

Here is some content

You can use
a_tabbar.setContentHTML(dt,“Here is some content”);

Thanks. My solution (works):

function newTab() {
    var dt = new Date( ).valueOf();
    a_tabbar.setTabActive(dt, true);

function newDiv(id){
    if (document.createElement){
        var content = document.getElementById(‘alldivs’);
        var divn = document.createElement(‘div’);
        divn.setAttribute(‘type’, ‘div’);
        divn.setAttribute(‘id’, id);
        var divntext = document.createTextNode(‘Text here’);

Tks for all!