Bug on Mac FF and Chrome

When using the timeline view and the context menu the event gets glued to the mouse on close.

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Add this line to the 02_lines timeline example
    scheduler.attachEvent(“onContextMenu”, function () { alert(‘hello’); });
  2. Run the page in Chrome on a Mac
  3. Right click on an event to show the alert.
  4. Click OK and press ESC
  5. Now either the event is glued to the mouse or the event jumps. If you try several times eventually the event becomes glued to the mouse.
  6. Either way the event is moved from its time slot which is bad.
  7. The only way to “detach” it is to click on the scheduler.

I have tried to call scheduler.unselect() and to update the event prior to the close.

Issue already fixed in dev. version, fix will be released as part of next version.
If you have active support period - you can open ticket at support system to get patch for current version.

Is there an ETA for the release?

There is no exact date, but most probably it will be the first decade of February