Bug on Recurring events

It looks the recurring events feature has some problems…

If I insert an event like this

<event id='3' start_date='2012-10-01 00:00:00' end_date='9999-02-01 00:00:00' text='My Event'  event_length='86400' rec_type="year_1_7_3_#no" event_pid='0'/>

It will be shown an “extra” event every Saturday before the right Sunday.

and if I insert an event like this

<event id='4' start_date='2012-10-01 00:00:00' end_date='9999-02-01 00:00:00' text='My Event'  event_length='86400' rec_type="year_1_7_4_#no" event_pid='0'/>

The event will be in the 5th Sunday (instead of 4th) always the first Sunday is the month first day.

In which timezone issue occurs ? It looks to be related to summer-winter time shift

Hi Stanislav,

I didn’t configure the timezone so I guess this is the default one. Anyway the machine is running on GMT-3

It’s wierd cause I saw this problem only on Sundays… (but I didn’t teste exhaustively)

Another wierd thing: It looks I can define Sundays as ‘0’ or ‘7’, and depending the one I use (‘0’ or ‘7’) it changes this behavior too (but still with problems).

The examples I attached was using the standard definition, I mean ‘7’=Sunday

try this build of the scheduler, it fixes some issues with daylight saving time
s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipcha … 130912.zip
does it fixes the problem?

Hi Stanislav and Aliaksandr,

unfortunately this new version didn’t fixed the issue.

I believe maybe this is not related to daylight saving time. Cause:

  • Allways the month first Sunday is the month first day the event is showed one Sunday after the right one (no mater the month).

    Is it possible to “turn off” any Daylight Saving Time feature just to make sure this is or this is not causing the problem?

    Were you able to replicate this issue there?

Thanks in advance,

Hi all,

it looks several other users from Brazil have had the same issue.

I found this in the forum and I will take a look michiganfps.org/dhtmlxSchedu … ssues.html

I get back with the news soon…


unfortunatelly it didn’t fix the DST issue ;-(

But I figure out I had two different problems, so I posted the first one into this thread viewtopic.php?f=6&t=32796
It’s related to Sundays on the month first day. They shift the other Sunday events.
I believe I figure out a work around but I still need some help from you in that thread.

The DST still an issue. I used the last version you sent me and I used the brazil_path.js
This Brazil_path was done for a older Scheduler version (believe 2.1). Do you thing it still updated and working? Or should it have some changes?

	var ndate=new Date(date.valueOf());
		case "day": ndate.setDate(ndate.getDate()+inc); 
			if (inc == 1 && ndate.getDate()==date.getDate()){ //Brasil
				return this.add(ndate,2,"hour");
		case "week": ndate.setDate(ndate.getDate()+7*inc); break;
		case "month": ndate.setMonth(ndate.getMonth()+inc); break;
		case "year": ndate.setYear(ndate.getFullYear()+inc); break;
		case "hour": ndate.setHours(ndate.getHours()+inc); break;
		case "minute": ndate.setMinutes(ndate.getMinutes()+inc); break;
			return scheduler.date["add_"+mode](date,inc,mode);
	return ndate;

ps: brazil_path support.dhtmlx.com/x-files/sched … _patch.zip



Você conseguiu achar a solução para o problema? Estou tendo o mesmo problema aqui.



Do you have the solution? I´m trying the same error here.