bug on text field


i have noticed a bug on the txt gried column type.

if one of the columns in a grid is the txt type and you start pressing the tab function to go from one cell to another then when it gets to the txt column and you click the tab button it starts tabbing through the browser elements instead of going on to the next column

Which version of grid you are using?
The problem can’t be reconstructed with latest version of dhtmlxgrid.
Please check online sample
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … 6923627000
If problem occurs only in case of custom init code - please provide any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed.

i notice it is because i am getting the following error:

this.editor.obj.select is not a function
k9_0_1()()dhtmlxgr…access.js (line 13)
_nextRow()(keydown charCode=0, keyCode=9)dhtmlxgrid.js (line 229)
onbeforeactivate()(keydown charCode=0, keyCode=9)dhtmlxgrid.js (line 373)
k9_0_0:function(){this.editStop();var z…is.editor.obj)this.editor.obj.select()},

Problem in FF , while using access keymap confirmed.
You can use attached js file instead of original one as hotfix.

dhtmlxgridcell.zip (7.94 KB)