[BUG] Predecessor inline editing

I suspect I might have found a bug.
How to repro:


  1. Task 4.1 has a Child Task, Task 4.3
  2. Task 4.1 has a Sibling Task, Task 4.2
  3. There’s a SS Link between Task 4.1 and 4.2
  4. Close Task 4.1
  5. Click in predecessor inline editor of Task 4.2
  6. Now open Task 4.1
  7. The predecessor cell of 4.3 will be the same as the cell of 4.2
  8. Click somewhere else
  9. The predecessor cell will disappear from 4.3

For easier understanding, please check the attached video.

Hello Subri,
Actually, the data doesn’t change, though it may look like this.
When you expand the parent task, the inline editor doesn’t change the position:
You can see what is actually happening in the following video:

The inline editors are actually different HTML elements that are displayed at the same position as the grid cells. But they are located at a different DOM position, so they don’t follow the grid cells. Moreover, when you resize the grid or collapse/expand tasks, the grid is repainted. It means that all HTML elements are recreated. In previous Gantt versions that would mean that the inline editor would be closed:

I will add it as a bug to our internal tracker. The dev team will fix it in the future, but I cannot give you any ETA.

Right now, to save the inline editor position, you need to manually implement a custom solution.
Here is an example of how it can be implemented:

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Hello Ramil,
Thank you for the clarification, we are looking forward to the bugfix!