BUG: Recurring Events that Happen on 29th-31st

Support said today that they were able to duplicate this issue but no update planned, so how are you all getting around this BUG?

If you create an event that is set to happen on the 29th, 30th, or 31st day of each month, it breaks the WHOLE calendar for that event.

DUPLICATE: With February open (or any month), create a monthly recurring event for one of the days above (31st). Now take the clock forward one month at a time. You will see that the event is not scheduled for the 31st of each month (or the last day of the month).

Instead, it has been programmed to show 31 days AFTER the first day of the current month even if the current month does not have 31 days. That is the problem. Half of the months do not have 31 days so I’m not sure how this was overlooked or how others are getting around it.

If you created this test during the month of January (or any month with 31 days), it will look correct for that month.
But if you go to February, instead of seeing the event on the last day of the month (as Google and many others do), you will see it 31 days after February 1. In our case, it will show on March 3. And even though March has 31 days, it will now show during the month of March on the 31st since there is already one of these events occupying that month.
It skips April.
Shows on May 1, etc.

Because February has 28 days, you are more likely to notice this bug when working in the calendar during February.

We are an Enterprise customer with paid support. I truly hope that the developers can quickly make a patch for this. This has been a huge pain for many of our users this month and it will continue to be until resolved.

I’m not sure if this chart has any value, but I created it anyways. There is a formula that can be applied that will help the Scheduler know which date a Recurring Event should be applied on since some months do not have a 29th, 30th, or 31st.

This formula can be applied to the logic for all Recurring Events and not just for the dates above. By implementing this, we can be certain that events scheduled for the 31st will show on the 30th if there is no 31st that month instead of the current method which is to show it in the following month (which is a bug).

Other users - how are you getting around this error that exist in your Schedule?