Bug regarding recurring events


I’m using scheduler v4.1 and there is a display problem with loading just different dates.

You can reproduce this problem with the file attachment.
bug_scheduler.rar (47 KB)

can you clarify the problem a bit?
I’ve opened the demo,

  1. there is series ‘Test build’ - weekly, each Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  2. And modified occurence of this series ‘Testx build’, which is placed on 16 July in both data sources.
    What exactly goes wrong in this case?
    One thing i can see, is the value of ‘event_length’ of the ‘Testx build’, it does not point to any occurence of the original series

look at the error_2014.png, I must only see the child “Testx build” on july 16th. This should look like no_error_2013.png.

The only difference between rec_2013.xml and rec_2014.xml are the years. I just took the rec_2013.xml file and I made a find and replace from “2013” to “2014”. My questions is, why there is a display issue in test.html when I load rec_2014.xml.

I think the problem is in the data.
When you create a modified instance of the recurring event, it contains several links that are used to display it within the series:

  1. id of the parent series (event_pid)
  2. the modified time of the occurence (start_date, end_date)
  3. the original event of the series, which should be replaced by this instance (event_length)

The (3) means that if you edit one event of the series (which originally was generated from the recurring rule), the component must display a modified event, and skip the original instance that should be calculated from the rule.

The event_length stores the timestamp of the event which should be replaced (instance.start_date.valueOf() / 1000). If you’ve changed the year of the occurence, without modifying the event_length, so it won’t replace any occurence - and both modified and original events will be displayed, which is happening on error_2014.png
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/recurr … ntheseries