Bug Report: dhtmlxSuite

Sorry I may have posted in the wrong place, but I would like to submit a bug report, for the latest version of dhtmlSuite I have downloaded (the free version). Please move my post to the right place.

I noticed in the dhtmlx.css file, there are a bunch of invalid CSS markups. This is causing Sass to fail building my compiled stylesheets.
The invalid markups are basically semicolons right after colons, and some are “!ie;”

Here are the affected style declarations:

box-shadow:; 1
background-color:; 3
font-family:; 1
font-size:; 4
color:; 4
height:; 1
!ie 2

Thank you for your note. dhtmlx.css for the material skin will be observed and fixed.


please try attached
material_css.zip (21.1 KB)