Bug: should reject the drag if task bar lose the mouse focus

see video above, I can not let go if task bar if move outside the gantt area, unless move the mouse back to the gantt, and click on some where.

I think this is a bug, do you guys aware of this bug? Can I do something to avoid this?

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Hi @kevinyaoooooo !

I confirm a bug and add information about it to our internal bug tracker.

At the moment I can not offer a simple solution for this problem. You can try to do it yourself. Create a browser mousemove event listener to check the position of the mouse cursor and check if the cursor is inside the timeline area, using getBoundingClientRect().

Here is a sample where you can see what i meant


Hello @kevinyaoooooo,

New Gantt version 7.0.4 contains the fix of the issue:

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Thanks Siarhei, Glad to hear that