Bug/Strange behaviour in demo applications

I downloaded the sample code of the javascript scheduler widget and when toying a bit around with the timeline double ignore sample I encountered some weird behaviour when dragging an event over the ‘ignoreed’ gap and then changing the duration of the event. I grabbed the handle on the end of the event and from time to time the start time of the event would change.

Another strange thing I noticed is when I moved the event partially of screen, released and regrabbed the event and dragged it back into view the event got MUCH larger and longer.


I can confirm the both issues
The first one will be fixed in next build, as for second one - we will add option which will block dragging events outside of the visible scale when enabled

I’ve just posted a new topic about this, as I’ve just stumbled across this bug too. It has something to do with ignore_timeline, and then moving an event so that it spans ‘ignored’ areas. Was a fix ever created for this?

Above one was fixed ( available only as part of dev. version though )
The issue which you have reported in other topic is different one.

That’s the same issue that we are getting, just on a different sample.

Also, how do we access the dev version? Is there anyway that we can download this fix then?

If you have a support subscript - post ticket at support.dhtmlx.com

Fair enough. I will await for a response on my other thread then if this is a different issue.