BUG: Time using scheduler.config.last_hour

The time displayed on an event displays the gird last_hour.

For example:

scheduler.config.last_hour = 18

Create an event that starts from 15:00 and ends at 20:00. The finish time in the event displays incorrectly, but when the event is opened, displays corrrectly in the lightbox.


Yep, this is known behavior, if you have limitations on the first |last hour and event exceeds them - the time rendered over the event bar will be the visible time of rendered event, not full time.

We can provide a patch, which will change behavior, but changing behavior of main version is questionable ( if last_hour was defined, it has some sense that event info doesn’t exceed last_hour boundary )

Hi Stansilav,

A patch would be most useful, thank you.

I think there should be a flag that if an event exceeds last_hour, the grid should render up until that time.

Something like:

scheduler.config.render_past_last_hour = true; // Will render Scheduler time to finish time of event if an event passes last_hour.

Hi Stanislav,

Any joy with that patch?

Many thanks.

Add the next code on the page in question

scheduler.templates.event_header=function(start,end,ev){ ev = scheduler.getEvent(ev.id); return scheduler.templates.event_date(ev.start_date)+" - "+scheduler.templates.event_date(ev.end_date); };