Bug V7.1 grid template

run error in V7.1 and fine for V7.0.3


Thank you fro you report. The porblem is confirmed.
We have fixed it in the 7.1.1 bugfix:
now it should work correctly

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not really (all template-columns are empty in 7.1.1)

Try with control + F5

cstff is right. Please, try to clear the cache of your browser.

I had this problem too (after upgrade from 6.5.8 to 7.1.1). In my case, this was due to the fact that the names of the columns with templates in the grid did not match the names of the fields of the dataset. Something like this:

columns: [
	{maxWidth:650, width:650, id:'desc', type:'string', header:[{text: 'Description'}],
		template: (text, row, col)=>(row.doc_info ? row.doc_info + (row.doc_section ? ' (s. ' + row.doc_section+ ')' : '') : row.exec_info)

In source code of 7.1.1 I found this fragment :

                   var content = core_1.isDefined(value)
                        ? col.template
                            ? col.template(value, row, col)
                            : defaultTemplate(value)
                        : value;

So I added a dummy field 'desc’:1 to the dataset and the templates began to work.

@sematik: IMHO, it used to be more comfortable when the field with the template was not strictly tied to the data.

thank you for your suggestion. We’ll try to update this behavior in the future updates.