Bug with dragging an event beyond a day range

In the sample scheduler on the site (as well as my development site) I can create and drag a new event box (as well as certain existing events) beyond the current days timeframe.

It doesn’t become a multi-day event. It appears to try to change the end date of the event, then hangs off of the scheduler bottom into grey space.

Any code fix would be greatly appreciated to prevent it from ever breaching the 12PM line.

It doesn’t always happen (I haven’t spend enough time with multiple senarios such as resize then drag, drag then drag etc., existing vs new etc.). But its enough of an issue to be a concern.


Can you please summarize the steps to reproduce this issue and what exactly do you see then it happens.

  • your scheduler version, I assume 3.0?
  • in what views that’s happening?
  • what do you do to make this happen?

Kind regards,

Darn. I’m embarrassed. Can’t recreate it like I thought I did with the dhtmlx scheduler demo. Feel free to remove this post.