Bug with dragging Window objects in Chrome on Mac

Hi, we are in the midst of testing the suite of components for a large scale project. The Windows component has been working great. However, last week something was introduced that broke the ability to drag a window around. With some testing it appears to only happen on the latest versions of Chrome and only on Mac’s - the site works fine on Window’s Chrome, and in other browsers.

Interestingly, there is about a 1-2 pixel tall area where you can still click and drag, but it is incredibly difficult to find.

I have been trying to debug but it is difficult with the condensed/obfuscated code. Have you seen this problem or have any ideas? Could you provide any guidance on how to debug? Perhaps the regular version of code would be helpful.

Thank you

Dhtmlx suite (zip file) contains sources for components.
To reproduce the issue we need completed demo with a detail description of reproducing.
Please, provide it on support@dhtmlx.com with a link to this topic.
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=othe … leted_demo