Bug with sub_row_grid column in chrome

I have attached a very simple example of a grid with a column of type sub_row_grid.
I’m simply creating one row, and I use the onSubGridCreated event to load data in the subgrid.
Everything works correctly in IE and FF, but chrome throws an exception:
“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘tagName’ of null” on the “subgrid.init();” call.
I’m using 2.6 professional.
May you give me some advice?

Best regards, Andrea Pirola
Test.zip (862 Bytes)

This issue confirmed and will be fixed in a few days. If you need fixed file immediately please open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com/

Issue is fixed and will be included at next dhtmlxGrid version. If you need changed immediately please pen ticket at support.dhtmlx.com/

any news on this fix? 5 months passed already…

Please open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com/ and we’ll provide you fixed file.

I am facing exact same problem because of this bug.

Can I get the fixed file for this one? My support license got expired.

If you are using version 3.5 - it is already includes the above fix.
If you are using older version and need an update for it - please open ticket at the support system.