Bug with X axis steps on scatter chart


First of all: thanks a lot for providing such a great library: powerful, beautiful, and easy to use :smiley:

However, i’m facing a problem:
I’m making a scatter chart on which both axis go from -1 to +1, with steps of 0.2; here the relevant part of my code:

yAxis:{ start:-1, end:1, step:0.2 }, xAxis:{ start:-1, end:1, step: 0.2 },
That works perfectly on the Y-axis, but here are the labels displayed below the X-axis:

I have similarly weird results with steps of 0.1; steps of 0.5 work fine, but are too wide for my needs

I don’t really expect you to have a solution for me right now (but if you have, feel free to tell me :p), but if you had some time to check that for the next version, that could be great ^^

Thanks for reading me, and have a nice day :slight_smile:

PS: the problem appears on both Firefox and Chrome (last versions)

Fixed version of dhtmlxChart is attached
We will include similar fix to the next version of component as well.
dhtmlxchart.zip (48.8 KB)

Wonderful, thanks a lot!