Bug ???

I noticed while testing the scheduler that if I delete an event from the side menu the event deletes just fine (see img).

If I open the edit form and try to delete an event previously enter I get an error (see img).

Here is the error;
SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property ‘!nativeeditor_status’: object is null or undefined
dhtmlxscheduler.js, line 190 character 120

The record is deleted either way but get the error deleting from the edit form.



Can you reproduce this issue in the samples which come with the scheduler package?
Or maybe you can provide link to your page where we can check this issue?

Kind regards,

I’m sorry I didn’t reply early. I had to work away and didn’t have access to the internet. We haven’t gone live with the scheduler yet so I’m unable to give you a link. I will try testing this on the samples maybe this weekend depending how the next few days go and get back to you then. I hope that is ok.

Thanks again for your quick response,