[BugFix] Multi-User Sync and national codepage (encoding)

I use PHP Connector 2.2.0 from GitHub.
I had some trouble with data from database which cp1251 codepage encoded. Data isn’t updated in Grid. For solve this issue i added some string into two files of PHP Connector (base_connector.php and updates.php)
In base_connector.php for method enable_live_update() in Connector class i added set_encoding()

         public function enable_live_update($table, $url=false){
                $this->live_update = new DataUpdate($this->sql, $this->config, $this->request, $table,$url);
                $this->event->attach("beforeOutput",            Array($this->live_update, "version_output"));
                $this->event->attach("beforeFiltering",         Array($this->live_update, "get_updates"));
                $this->event->attach("beforeProcessing",        Array($this->live_update, "check_collision"));
                $this->event->attach("afterProcessing",         Array($this->live_update, "log_operations"));

In update.php i added protected property $encoding for DataUpdate class

[code]class DataUpdate{

    protected $table; //!< table , where actions are stored
    protected $url; //!< url for notification service, optional
protected $sql; //!< DB wrapper object
protected $config; //!< DBConfig object
protected $request; //!< DBRequestConfig object
protected $encoding;
protected $event;

also for this class i added method set_encoding()

public function set_encoding($encoding){ $this->encoding = $encoding; }
and finally i replaced this section in get_update() method

[code] ob_clean();

            echo $this->updates_start();

on this

[code] ob_clean();
$header = “Content-type:text/xml”;
if ( $this->encoding != “”) {
$header .= “; charset=”.$this->encoding;

            echo $this->updates_start();


Now it works fine.