Button - how to programmatically invoke "click"

Suppose I have a button in a form. Is there a way to invoke the “click” event?

I am looking for a javascript function call which will do the same as the user pushing the button.

If possible, I would even like for the button to change its appearance–just as if it was pushed. And then call do whatever it would normally do.


add the following code once, make sure form.js is loaded on page

dhtmlXForm.prototype.getButton = function(name) { return this.doWithItem(name, "getButton"); }; dhtmlXForm.prototype.items.button.getButton = function(item) { return item; }; function clickButton(name) { _dhxForm_doClick(myForm.getButton(name).childNodes[0].childNodes[0],["mousedown","mouseup"]) };

then call clickButton(buttonName)

This worked, thank you.

I turned it into a prototype:

dhtmlXForm.prototype.clickButton=function(name) {

Would be great if this was added into the code base.

Once again, thank you.