button in a cell

Hi, i am using pro version of dhtmlXGrid. I ve created some dojo buttons inside some cells. However when i use paging for my grid, apart from first page, those dojo buttons are disappeared in other pages. The following is my code to create those buttons:



                    <div dojoType='dijit.form.Button' id='grid_button_1'



How to solve this problem?? or is there any other way to create buttons inside a cell?? many thx

I’m not sure how it can be solved, but the reason of problem is the next

In case of paging only first page of grid rendered straight away, all other rows not parsed from XML until page in question not loaded ( or event if they parsed , they are not attached to DOM )
As far as I know, DOJO scan all nodes in DOM and convert ones with special attributes into related controls, but in case of paging not all rows attached to DOM, so part of them just can’t be located by DOJO.

The only solution is to rerun DOJO conversion routine after changing active page in grid