button in grid

I create a grid with two new types (file and button).
1 column (type: file) to download the text or image files …
2 column (type: button) to read files downloaded by clicking on the button.
The problem is that I did not find the function to perform this operation.

Help me.

Let me show the link once again:
docs.dhtmlx.com/grid__columns_ty … olumntypes
Here you can find various examples of creating a different column types: editable or non-editable. In the non-editable excells you can find examples of adding the button input to the cell.

My problem is not that. I created a cell with the type “file” and a cell with the type “button” as shown in the example. but I want to display in the cell (file) the full path of the file loaded after I click on browse button and if I click on the button “Open” I can read the file loaded. So I did not find the trick how to do and I want to help me as far as possible.

Unfortunately there is no way to get the full local path of the file.